Press the spacebar to switch between across and down clues.

Playing Instructions:

Across Down

2.   This rabbit visits once a year.
6.   Bunny motion
7.   Sweet to eat
9.   Young people
11. Every one of the eggs
12. Hens lay these
15. What children collect Easter eggs in
18. How to pet a bunny
19. What we do at the Easter meal
20. How to color an egg in dye
23. Easter flower
24. A woman's Easter hat
26. Born from an egg
27. A rabbit's favorite food

1.   Season of Easter
3.   Not all, but most of the eggs
4.   Path of Peter Cotton Tail
5.   Color of a baby chicken
10. Easter mascot
13. Fun activities
14. Clothing men wear to church on Easter
16. A religious ceremony
17. A very young fowl
21. A color that little girls wear
22. Brief, light rainfalls
25. Men's dress up neck decoration