Ever wondered what people in other parts of the world do for Easter? Here are some stories of how people in other countries celebrate. You might want to try out a tradition or two in your family this year.

Australia and the Easter Bilby

Ever seen a bilby? The land down under is famous for its unusual species of animals, and soon the bilby may be the Easter symbol for Australia.

Bulgaria - A Crack for Luck

Egg cracking is good for more than just eating the egg in Bulgaria.

Mexico - Semana Santa (Holy Week)

En Mexico mucha gente celebran la Semana Santa actuando la pasión y resurección de Cristo. (In Mexico many people celebrate the Holy Week by performing in Passion Plays.)

Poland - Blessing baskets and a Monday Splash

If you can talk your family and friends into it, you could have fun practicing the Polish tradition of Easter Monday "watering."

Germany - Hidden cookies and Easter Fire

Easter is family time in Germany. Adults love hiding cookies and eggs for the children to find. What's an Easter Fire? You'll see.

Wales - The Lucky Somersaults

If you like to get up early on Easter Monday, you may want to try the old Welsh tradition of the lucky somersaults.

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