Germany - Hidden Cookies and Easter Fire

Easter Sunday is family day in Germany with colored eggs, lamb-shaped cake and cookies hidden in the garden. Oh yes, and very likely a bonfire.

The German Easter starts with the covering of the cross on Good Friday. During that day, Germans by tradition have fish dishes. The Easter celebration starts with Easter mass, which continues from Saturday evening to Sunday morning. Sunday is "family day." This is the day for the holy Easter lunch, important parts of which are colored eggs and a lamb-shaped cake. Germans have lots of sweets, such as cookies, cakes, and chocolates, and the entertaining part of the celebration is the hiding of the Easter eggs and cookies in the garden. The adults are said to have as much pleasure hiding the eggs as the children have finding them.

Another custom associated with Easter in Germany is the "Easter fire." For the fire, all Christmas trees are collected and burned in a special place, making a huge fire, clearing away the last signs of the winter and preparing for the spring. Quite German, it is both pleasant and practical.

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