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The Facts About Spam

As part of its award-winning arsenal of Internet services, Aristotle provides state-of-the-art spam and virus protection FREE to all its customers. On this page you will find valuable information about Aristotle's anti-spam services, how spam is distributed on the Internet, and on what steps you can take to limit the number of unsolicted emails you receive.

What is Spam? Top 

Spam is any unsolicited e-mail propagated to a list of recipients.

Spamming Methods Top 

Spammers have a variety of methods for generating lists of valid e-mail addresses. Two common approaches include:

Method 1: Harvesters
Spammers commonly use searching tools called "harvesters" to collect e-mail addresses from websites and newsgroup listings. This approach targets people who enter their e-mail addresses to sign up for surveys, polls, newsletters and newsgroups online.

Method 2: Dictionary Attack
Some spammers use programs designed to propagate e-mails to an alphabetized list of possible recipients for any given domain extension. Spammers often target domain extensions registered to Internet Service Providers, such as, or even Many of these e-mail addresses will return to the sender as invalid, but e-mails that do not return to the sender indicate a valid e-mail address to be placed on the spam list. This qualified spam list is then sold to companies to generate their own spam. The "dictionary attack" targets any valid e-mail account, regardless of its use.

Aristotle Spam & Virus Shield Top 
Aristotle Spam and Virus Shield

In response to the growing problem of unsolicited email, we have installed the Aristotle Spam and Virus Shield (powered by Vircomís ModusGate) to intercept up to 90% of the total volume of unsolicited spam email that attempts to enter the Aristotle system. Please visit the Aristotle Spam and Virus Shield website to learn more about this spam-blocking service.

How To Reduce Spam Top 

1. Do not respond to spam emails.
If you get an unsolicited email, do not respond to it, even to "opt out." A response of any kind simply tells the spammers that they have located a legitimate email address that may become part of a qualified list that can be (and often is) sold to other spammers.

2. Request a second email address.
If you have placed an on-line order or requested information over the Internet, there is a good chance that your email address is known to companies that specialize in mass spam mail-outs. The longer you use the Internet, the more spam you will attract.

One way you can minimize spam is by having at least two email accounts, one for communicating with family and friends, the second for online ordering or email sign-ups. Aristotle customers can have up to 5 email accounts at no additional charge. It's easy to create a new email account, then give the address only to the people you do want to hear from. Your existing email account can then be your "business email account" for on-line ordering or mailing list sign-ups. By not using your newly created e-mail account for online ordering or email sign-ups, it will remain relatively spam-free.

To set up additional e-mail accounts, go to Additional Personal E-Mail Addresses

3. Use Aristotle's WebSage email preview feature.
WebSage offers an e-mail preview feature that allows customers to screen senders, subject lines and file sizes of all incoming e-mails before downloading them onto their computers.

Aristotle customers using WebSage II build 7202 or an older version of WebSage must activate the e-mail preview feature manually. To activate this feature:

  • Enter the WebSage program.
  • Click on "Edit" at the top of the screen.
  • Select "Options" from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the "Mail" tab.
  • Click to leave a checkmark in the box labeled "Confirm before downloading."

When you check your e-mail, click on the box beside each e-mail listing to place a green check mark to download the e-mail, a red "x" to delete the e-mail or a blank box to leave the e-mail on the server.

New WebSage - Now Available! Top 

WebSage 3.01 is now available. This upgraded version will allow users to block pop-up windows, send and receive HTML e-mails, drag and drop multiple e-mail attachments, preview emails and much more. In this version, the email preview feature is pre-activated by default.

Update to WebSage 3.01
To update your current version of WebSage, visit the WebSage Download page and click on "Version 3.01 update." If you are not currently using WebSage, call Aristotle Customer Service at 888-899-2747 or (501) 374-4638 to request a free Aristotle CD.

Personal Spam Filters Top 

Many people choose to install personal spam filters on their home computers. Here are a few product reviews of popular spam filtering devices.

Guide Review by

Top 10 Anti-spam Tools for Windows
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Product Reviews: Windows Anti-Spam Tools
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Product Review: Mac Anti-Spam Tools
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Reporting Abuse Top 

Visit these websites to report and combat e-mail abuse.

Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC)
Report fraud and abuse to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC), formed through a partnership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Submit an online complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Spam Articles Top 

The following articles discuss the nature and origin of spam.

"Getting Rid of "Spam" ...and other E-mail Pests" by Randy Cassingham

"How One Spam Leads to Another" by Michelle Delio

"No Subscription for Spam Relief" by Joanna Glasner

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