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Welcome to Aristotle Spam and Virus Shield

As a part of our award-winning arsenal of Internet Services, Aristotle provides state-of-the-art spam and virus protection to all Aristotle customers FREE of charge.

Powered by Vircom's ModusGate, Aristotle Spam and Virus Shield utilizes the latest in spam detection software and services.

How does Aristotle Spam Shield work?

To provide you with the best in email protection, Aristotle has invested in Vircom's ModusGate Anti-spam/Anti-virus suite of services and is offering spam and email virus protection to our customers Free of Charge.

Layered with intelligence, Vircom's ModusGate pre-authenticates all legitimate users before scanning for viruses and spam. It auto-updates virus definitions 24/7 and provides 24/7 updated spam protection in the form of sophisticated Sieve scripts created by Vircom and its growing anti-spam community of ISP customers. Also included is a multi-layered approach to prevent spammers from abusing and exploiting your account.

Will Aristotle Spam Shield catch all my spam?

As fast and comprehensive as ModusGate is at detecting and countering new spam attacks, some spam still may get through the net. However, most users have reported an immediate and dramatic decrease in the amount of spam cluttering their inbox.

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